The Importance of Branding

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When the Internet first started, or rather the world wide web (which actually came much later than the start of the Internet itself – but that’s another story!), web pages were crude and search engines that ranked them were even more crude.

If you searched for an article pertaining to some topic, the text that you typed into the engine becomes the “keyword” and the engine would do little more than search it’s database of web pages for those that mentioned that keyword within their text.

Over the years this algorithm evolved quite a lot and up until very recently, keywords were very important. If you are searching for an article on “train your cat to toilet outside” then the chances are that the pages that rank at the top of the search engines will mention that phrase somewhere in the text and probably in the title.


Evolution of the Ranking Algorithm

However, search engines are getting smarter now and Google in particular is now able to analyse not just individual words and phrases but sentences, paragraphs, entire articles and indeed whole topics in relation to a website and it’s relevancy to the keywords that are entered in.

Google no longer wants the top page of its search result filled with just the pages that manage to talk about that exact phrase the most times. Now they want to have pages from very well respected sites ranking at the top. Google knows what an article is about and if there’s an article entitled “Toilet training your cat” it knows that it is relevant to the search term.

So what Google is doing now is not just looking at the individual page but giving far more weight to the overall domain. And here is where Branding comes in. Google loves brands and it understands the difference between a website that is build on a reputable brand and another site that is just optimized for keywords.


Why Google Loves Brands

Google can look outside of the domain – it looks at social signals, the traffic, it can even look at how that site has been reviewed on places that do site reviews! And of course, big brand sites are more likely to have more of this stuff than just a site based on keywords alone.

This is especially important for search terms that are directly related to a person’s health, financial status or happiness. Google pays special attention to these areas and will only rank the most trusted sites on the first page for keywords relating to those topics.

So these days, if you want to get your site ranked, the need to focus less on keywords (though they do still matter of course), and more on making sure that Google understands and trusts your brand. Once you have that baseline established, then it’s just a matter of powerup up your site passed the competition… but that’s a topic for another article!

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Is SEO Considered Online Marketing?

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Guest post from our awesome friend in Calgary. Check out their About.Me profile here and contact them if you need help in this area of Canada!

SEOThe question before us is Search Engine Optimization condisdered an internet marketing tool? the obvious answer is yes. SEO is strategically used to generate traffic to websites by marketing links on the internet such as directories, blogs and social media platforms. Social media management is also a part of search engine optimization, why? When a social media profile is made, a website URL can be placed directing the domain power of that social media website to the selected links.

Process of correct SEO takes months and even years to reach full potential, even beyond years it will gain power from now to the end of the internet ages if maintained. But of course your website can be easily optimized today for future gains using SEO anchor text optimization on the website. Contact a Calgary SEO Consultant and get your business website discovered.

Now what really powers up and rank websites is building backlinks and anchor text optimization. The more websites that talk about your website the more popular it becomes resulting in higher rankings for your key search words.

Know this, your website isnt ranking for key search words unless that key search word is a link somewhere on your website!

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Shopify + Drop Shipping – A Winning Combination That Will Skyrocket Your Business

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There is no doubt that the e-commerce field has experienced enormous growth during the previous decade. As technology continues to improve, innovative manufacturers consider drop shipping as a viable alternative way of delivering products to customers. The key to every successful drop shipping venture is to establish a reliable website to make products accessible to the masses. One interesting model that has been successfully tested on the market is using – Shopify and drop shipping together to form an attractive combination. While the end purpose of selling is profit, every method carries its benefits as well as its risks. So, you have to study every process enough to familiarize yourself with its procedure.

How Drop Shipping Works?


Drop shipping is maybe the most efficient retail model available. It allows you to receive buying orders from customers and forward them to your drop shipping partner who is responsible for handling shipping as well as packaging on your behalf. Typically, drop shipping manufacturers ship their products under your desired brand name and logo to treat your clients to a high standard of quality. They also take care of packaging on your behalf, but you have to be thorough about its design as in this day and age, customers pay attention to everything. This method is widely used by more than 30% of all online sellers and is set to expand further in the following years. Usually, people who are just starting out their e-commerce business and don’t want to allocate capital for inventory, find this method very beneficial.

Shopify and Drop Shipping

Big retailers like eBay and Amazon include drop shipping options to attract new customers to their business. Amazon, for example, not only stores its massive directory of products but also allows individual merchants to do the same thing while it handles packaging and shipping on their behalf. However, no other platform integrates drop shipping better than Shopify. One critical characteristic is that Shopify doesn’t charge you with third party fees like Amazon and eBay while giving you more customizable options than both of these platforms. After all, using Shopify, you can design and build you own website instead of selling your products through another platform.

Setting up your Shopify site

Setting up your website on Shopify is a very easy to follow process as developers managed to create a smooth and intuitive experience. As soon as you pick your site’s design, you are ready to add your products and start selling to your customers. Shopify’s support documentation section is a good place to start if you want to set up your website in a matter of minutes. A valuable tip is to set your site accordingly to accommodate all Shopify’s drop shipping options because your vendors may ask you to use specific plugins and themes.

Shopify and Drop Shipping Apps

One mistake you can make is not to monitor the entire process after the sale. Nowadays, excellent customer service makes a huge difference in how customers perceive your business and ensuring the right delivery timing for your products is critical. You can find some very useful apps that integrate with your Shopify website and help you track your orders efficiently. Duoplane and ShopiDrop are two of the best apps that automate the entire after-sales process.


To conclude, starting an e-commerce business has become easier than ever with the introduction of drop shipping. All you have to do is pick the right platform, establish your manufacturer network and start selling. – Shopify and drop shipping are more than just a winning combination as they provide a vast amount of exclusive features to outrun the competition.


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Why Outsourcing Your Copy Is Good For Business

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Internet marketing and outsourcing copywriting work go hand in hand. Initially, most businesses opted to do their copy writing jobs by themselves. This has since changed, and many companies are resorting to outsourcing these task. The decision to outsource these functions attracts lasting benefits to the operations of the business. The business is able to concentrate on what it does best while simultaneously getting quality content from individuals skilled in search engine optimization (SEO). Just in case you need some content copy written for your business? Outsource It. As such, this article presents some of the benefits that come with outsourcing your business’ copyrighting needs.

Targeted Content

The essence of online marketing is to reach out to your target them. Communicating to a particular audience online calls for some specific skills. For instance, the copy writer should use the right keywords in a natural and understandable manner. The content should reflect your voice and brand.

Quality content

By entrusting your copy writing tasks to seasoned writers, you are assured of the right content. Moreover, the contents provided will be free from grammatical errors that are always present during in-house content development.

Effective Keyword Usage

Keywords usage determines the success and failure rates for any online marketing strategy. In this regard, the contents of the website or blog should have the exact keywords that your target customers will be using. Right choice and application of relevant keywords are a recipe to an established and visible online presence. Well, achieving this is not easy, only season copywriters can provide you with the right content.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing copywriting jobs is a good idea for the business from an economic perspective. Having a full-time copy writing team can be costly for any organization. This is particularly important for small companies that do not need to post lots of content. Moreover, with a copy writing team, there is another need that arises to have a human resource function assigned to them. This is not only expensive but derails the business by shifting it from concentration of its business objectives.

Seasoned copy writers use latest keyword search tools to ensure you use the right keywords. Besides, most of them are always aware of any developments made by major search engines that might affect your page rankings. Well, higher page rankings mean better business online.

Considering the implications of poor quality content, any wrong decision can be disastrous. Thus, ensure that the copywriter chosen is equal to the task. What factors should one look for in a copywriter?

  1. Experience
  2. Area of specialty
  3. Portfolio
  4. Customer reviews

Outsourcing copy writing services is a good move for any business. However, outcome rests on the type of copywriter chosen. As much as a copywriter claims that he/she is equal to the task, always do your homework. In this regard, you should personally look at his credentials, experience and a portfolio of their previous works. Shortlist some candidates and talk to some of their former employers and get their story. A right decision attracts lasting benefits to your business prospects.



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How to Choose a Good SEO Provider in Your City

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Not all people claiming to be SEO experts in your city are true experts. That is why you have to be very careful when choosing an SEO expert. You have to do all things in your power to ensure that you are choosing someone who is qualified for the job. SEO is crucial for any business that wants to be successful online. Without SEO, there is no way that you are going to deal with online competition. Fortunately, there are simple things that you can do when you want to get the best SEO provider in your city. Here are the things that you should when you are looking for the bet SEO provider;

  1. Conduct research

Before you hire any SEO firm, it is very important to conduct thorough research. Research will help you identify different SEO providers in your area. Create a list of at least 5 SEO providers when conducting your research. It is from this list that you are going to choose an SEO firm that will help you optimize your website. Gather as much information as you can about different SEO providers. The more the information that you have, the higher your chances of choosing the right SEO experts. As you conduct research, try to lean a few SEO tips. When you are knowledgeable, it will not be easy for you to be cheated by people claiming to be SEO pros when in real sense they are not.

  1. Consider experience

You are more likely to receive quality services when you are dealing with an SEO provider who is experienced than when dealing with an inexperienced SEO provider. An experienced SEO expert knows the strategies that work and those that do not work. Such a provide is familiar with all webmaster guideline set by the major search engines. Be wary of any SEO provider who does not want to disclose how long he has been in business.

  1. Ask about the jobs that have been done before

Ask the SEO provider about the jobs that have been done before. An SEO provider who is proud about what has been achieved in the past will definitely be proud to talk about the achievements. Would you like the same results that the SEO expert helped others achieve? If your answer too this question is yes., then you should consider hiring the expert. However, if you do not think that the work done before is impressive, it will be best if you look for someone else to optimize your site. You should not expect someone who has never done an impressive job to do an impressive job for you. You should raise a red flag when an SEO provider is not willing to show you the work that was done before. You should not just take their word for it. Confirm with the owners of the sites that a given SEO expert claims to have optimized that the information given to you is accurate.

  1. Read reviews from people who used the services of a given SEO provider before

The best way to know whether an SEO expert does high quality work is by checking reviews from other people who sought his/her service before. If most people who sought the services of a given SEO company are happy with the services they received, they will definitely leave good reviews. Unsatisfied customers on the other hand will leave negative reviews. Avoid SEO providers who have a lot of negative reviews. If most people who went a given SEO company are not happy with the services they received, there is very high chance that they are going to do a shoddy job for you too.

  1. Check if a guarantee is provided

SEO provider who are willing to provide a guarantee are obviously confident with the quality of service they offer. However, any SEO company that is promising the number on position on the search engine result page is lying to you. You should avoid any SEO expert claiming that he/she can take you to the number one position. Good SEO expert will only promise positive results. This is because they understand that a complex combination of factors determine which website is at the top. Anyone promising to get you to the top position is obviously lying.

  1. Conduct an interview

Before you hire an SEO company, take time to conduct an interview. An interview provides you an opportunity to ask all the questions that you have in mind. Ask the SEO expert to explain exactly what is going to be done to help you perform better on the search engines. Ask whether all webmaster guidelines will be followed. Make sure that you are seeking the service of a SEO expert who will stick to the guidelines defined by the search engines. This is the best way to ensure that the good results that you are going to get from SEO are long lasting.

  1. Request for a list of current clients

Search engine optimization is not a one-time thing. It is something that has to be done continuously by any website owner who wants to improve business performance in the search engines and to remain at the top. That is why serous SEO experts will be able to provide a list of clients that they are currently helping with SEO. Again, you should not just take their word for it. Confirm that the list is accurate. Check the performance of the clients’ websites.

  1. Consider the fees

How much money will you be asked to pay for SEO services? You should not hesitate ask about the cost of the service before hiring a given SEO provider. SEO will be very beneficial to your business. However, this does not mean that you should hire a company that will overcharge you. This does not mean that you should rush to the company that quotes the lowest fees either. Get quotes from different companies and compare. You should first ensure that a given company provides high quality services before choosing it because of its low price quote.

If you’re in the Orange County and Garden Grove Area looking for a reputable Garden Grove SEO Specialist, check out our friends in the video below:

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Good Online Business Ventures

Good Online Business Ventures

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      Working from a home is a dream of many people, but only the minority of people succeed in that kind of venture. Developing a successful online business is hard, but there are some possible branches in which you can prosper. Some of them have higher and some lower expectations, but if you want to sit back in your sofa, and earn money while doing that, you will have to go and learn doing it before you can start earning some real money.working-from-home-1

     Being an SEO consultant might get you some good money on the internet. Skills that are required are basic skills of work on SEO aka search engine optimization. You will also need knowledge about Google Analytics and similar programs. In this line of business you will teach company representatives about the use of analytics data.

    spreadsheetsIf you have a lot of experience in running a business you can start a business whose service is sharing your experience with your clients (companies). Your job will require that you help small businesses to have a successful start and you will those bigger companies how to keep up with the supply and demand factor.

     You can also become a specialized retailer.

Specialized retailers sell only specific kind of goods, and by being one you can find big platforms that will offer your goods. Better than that is by having your own webpage that will list your offer. People that want to buy something out of that offer are redirected to one of the bigger platforms that sell your item.Web

     You might be unaware of the fact that big companies can have a whole staff that works on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Main business of those people is to be active with the account of their company (to post new things, to answer questions and so on). Small businesses don’t have people or time for that, so they need help. As Social media consultant you will instruct people on keeping active and in the center of attention on the social media by doing as little work on that as possible.

     If you are an artistic person who also has some code writing skills, then you ought to try working as web designer. New and innovative web designers are always wanted, and of they are good they get paid well. Being able to think about new designs that could work and having skills to utilize those ideas and create sites is a good skill combination that will earn you a lot of money.Best-Web-Designer

     If you excel at writing then you might as well earn by writing cover letters and resumes. Every person knows how to write a resume, but not every individual knows how to write it and present yourself in the best light. Good resume/cover letter writer will create your resume in which he will present your skills and by doing it he will brag about the, but that will be done more humbly. In that case you resume will speak about experienced and confident worker rather than worker who has some experience and that only.

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